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Solar energy

Can you limit the production of my solar energy system?

If you have a FIM device installed, Horizon Power is able to control the level of production of your solar energy system.

However, we will only limit the level of production of your system in response to a risk to the security and reliability of the power system. This is especially important at times when excessive energy flows back to the power station and we need to restore balance between energy generation and demand on the system.

FIM helps to safeguard the security and reliability of the power supply and allows more homes and businesses to install rooftop solar in your town.

Horizon Power expects the frequency, duration and amount of any control to be minimal.  However customers with FIM can expect some small loss of overall system production over the life of the system.  This loss of production should not be any more than typical losses associated with solar PV systems such as temperature derating (5%) or inverter efficiency losses (3%).

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