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Solar energy

How does battery storage work?

A battery energy storage system stores excess solar energy to power your home. Here’s how a battery in the home works:

  • The moment you’re not using all of the energy your solar panels are generating (such as in the middle of a work day when the sun is shining), your inverter tells your battery.
  • Your battery starts charging by capturing and storing the excess solar energy rather than automatically sending it out to the network.
  • Once your battery is fully charged, your inverter will send any surplus solar energy you produce to the electricity network.
  • The moment you run out of solar energy (such as in the evening when the sun has gone down), your battery tells your inverter. Your inverter will immediately stop you drawing energy from the network and start discharging your battery, utilising all of the cheaper energy you stored during the day, saving you more money on your power bill.

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