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What are the buyback rates for DEBS?

Up-to 5 November 2020, the DEBS Buyback Rate will be the same as the current REBS Buyback Rate for your town (prices available in the REBS terms and conditions) – including for energy exported from other distributed energy sources like home batteries and vehicle-to-grid electric vehicles. 

From 6 November 2020, a time of export DEBS Buyback Rate will apply for eligible DEBS customers.

DEBS has two time of export rates. The time you export power determines the buyback rate that you are paid.


Before 3 pm, after 9 pm


Between 3 pm – 9 pm

The DEBS rates will depend on the town where your system is installed. The DEBS rates vary between towns across our vast service area, because of the different costs of generation supply to each town, and that means in some towns the peak and off-peak rates are the same.

The DEBS rate will be reviewed and adjusted each year, just like other electricity prices.

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