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Community partnership guidelines

Find out if you're eligible and how to apply.

Ready to energise your community?

If you’re making a difference in your community, you could be eligible for up to $10,000, or up to $50,000 for a multi-region not-for-profit organisation.

Applications open 14 February 2022
Our next round of community partnerships will open on 14 February 2022 and close on 14 March 2022 at 5 pm



Is your organisation eligible?


If you’re a not-for-profit organisation or a local government authority, you could be eligible for a community partnership. Our partnerships provide stimulus and support in areas like events, financial hardship, short term projects (not ongoing) and equipment/ fit outs for organisations delivering regional projects.

Your event or initiative must:

  • Be located in Horizon Power’s service area and regionally based
  • Contribute to the community and have clear community outcomes
  • Align with at least one of Horizon Power’s Guiding Principles (Community Involvement, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commitment, Regions First and Cleaner, Greener)
    Please note: if you are applying for a partnership over $10k, your initiative must align with at least two of our guiding principles
  • Be accessible for all and free (or very low cost) to attend
  • Support good health and wellbeing in the community



Our partnership program is unable to support:


  • Initiatives based outside of Horizon Power’s service area
  • Organisations associated with/ or promote gambling, alcohol, smoking or drug use
  • Individuals
  • Commercial activities
  • Federal or State Government led projects
  • Individual sporting teams
  • Political activities
  • Religious activities
  • Ongoing operational costs
  • Community partnerships in which any employee of Horizon Power, or their immediate family, could receive any direct benefit
  • Community fundraising i.e. fetes, corporate golf days or charity dinners


To apply for a community partnership, you’ll need:

• A completed Horizon Power application form
• A copy of your most recent annual financial statements (audited or signed by the legal signatory)
• A budget that includes what Horizon Power’s investment will be spent on
• Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance if you are holding a public event
• Any other documentation that will strengthen your application

Your organisation’s accountable officer (e.g CEO or Chairperson or Legal Signatory) must be aware of your application and may be contacted if further information is required.

We will ask for:

  • Your organisation's name and contact details
  • ABN and the number of years the organisation has been in operation
  • At least one referee that can be contacted that is not associated with your organisation, and not a Horizon Power employee but understands the work you do in the community

You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have in relation to Horizon Power’s energy services.

Depending on your organisation's type of entity, we'll ask for the relevant identification and supporting documents as specified below. Horizon Power will also use this information to confirm there are no conflicts of interest.


  1. Registered with ACNC or ORIC – Certificate of incorporation
  2. Not registered with ACNC or ORIC - A copy of rules or constitution, the certificate of incorporation and a copy of the latest minutes or an Executed Statutory Declaration


  1. Copy of your constitution and latest minutes or
  2. Executed Statutory Declaration

Local Government

  • No supporting documents are required


  1. ACN


  1. Name of Trustee, Name of Trust, Name of beneficiaries
  2. Is the Trust an individual or company? (Select option)
  • If the Trustee is an individual: a copy of the driver’s license. You must also confirm the individual has capacity to receive the funds on the trust’s behalf.
  • If a company: ACN


  1. Names of the partners
  2. If the partners are individuals, companies or trusts –
  • If an individual: provide their names
  • If a company: ACN
  • If a trust: provide the name of the Trustee, name of the Trust and name of trust beneficiaries

You will need to provide:

  • The title, location and date of the initiative/event
  • The amount of funding you are requesting
  • A description of your initiative/event including how you identified the need and who will benefit from this project
  • Which of Horizon Power’s principles this project supports and why (Community involvement, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commitment, Cleaner Greener, Regions First)
  • The outcomes you hope to achieve including but not limited to, number of people in attendance, impact for community and any positive changes that may occur as a result of this initiative

You will need to provide a budget breakdown of your project/event including income and expenditure.

Income Expenditure
  • Horizon Power contribution
  • Cash support from your organisation
  • Other funders or income sources
  • Total income
  • Salaries and wages
  • Infrastructure hire
  • Advertising
  • Any other expenditures
  • Total expenditures

You will be asked for:

  • Your organisation’s in kind contribution (if any and separate to the cash budget)
  • Horizon Power specific funding breakdown – if successful with this application please advise how you will spend the funding
  • A copy of your most recent financials and a copy of your Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance if this application is for an event

Please also provide a brief description of:

  • How you will advertise/ market the initiative
  • How you will acknowledge Horizon Power



Here’s how we powered up Shooting Stars

“We now operate in eight regional towns supporting 400 girls in achieving a better education and shooting for the stars in life. In giving a three-year commitment for funding support, Horizon Power was vital to planning for sustainable growth in the Program. This wouldn’t have been possible on this scale without Horizon Power leading the way and inspiring other corporate partners to join us.”

Shooting Stars’ Executive Officer, Fran Haintz