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Collaborating to achieve the energy future

While the new technology needed for Australia’s energy transformation is exciting, one industry expert is calling for less hype and more collaboration to achieve the energy future.

At the Energy Efficiency Conference in Melbourne today, Horizon Power Managing Director Frank Tudor delivered his view of how this future can be achieved.

While it is widely acknowledged our economy needs to transition to low-carbon, and a future that relies heavily on renewable energy options, Mr Tudor said the solutions are not simple.

“As we are planning our collective panaceas for the future, the grid still needs to operate, and our customers still need to trust us to do this efficiently and affordably,” he said.

“Yes, energy policy is messy, but utilities also have to contend with changing technology, changing market forces, new entrants, changing economics – all while keeping the lights on.

“It’s challenging, and exciting, and everyone must work together to get to where we want to be.”

Mr Tudor said Horizon Power’s regional operations were perfectly placed to explore the renewable future of energy.

“Horizon Power is Australia’s only lightly regulated, vertically integrated utility – with the additional advantage of having a portfolio of 38 high-cost remote microgrids,” he said.

“We have already invested millions on making the regional town of Onslow the largest distributed energy microgrid in the State, and on installing advanced meters for all 47,000 of our customers.

“We are committed to spending millions more to innovate and drive this renewable energy future.”

Mr Tudor said strategic partnerships will be vital, with open, collaborative and agile environments needed to drive innovative solutions.

“Western Australia is well-placed to assist the nation to build expertise and capability to address our pressing energy issues – here in the west, we’re already doing it.”

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