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Horizon Power educates Karratha children

Children at Karratha Primary School and St Paul’s Catholic Primary School had a special but important visitor to the classroom this week by way of a giant frill-necked lizard, Gilbert.

Gilbert is part of the Horizon Discovery Zone education program where Horizon Power’s education officer Julie Hughes visits schools in regional Western Australia to educate children about the dangers of electricity in a fun and engaging way. The message is a timely one as the Pilbara Underground Power Project continues to connect more houses to underground power.

“The programme is an excellent way for Horizon Power to teach school children why they must never play around our work sites or machinery, approach our equipment or tamper with infrastructure such as the green domes that newly undergrounded properties now have in their front yards. We taught the children that power was previously out of reach and up high in the power lines where as now it is below the ground and that it is something the children need to be aware of. In fact it’s something the whole community needs to keep in the back of their minds”, Miss Hughes said.

Miss Hughes said the children in both schools were very excited to have Gilbert visit and many children already knew about the Pilbara Underground Power Project and the benefits of underground power. The project is a partnership between the Royalties for Regions Pilbara Cities Initiative and Local Government, delivered by Horizon Power. It aims to provide a safer and more reliable power supply to cyclone-prone towns in the North West by replacing overhead electricity infrastructure with underground power networks.

Gilbert with Karratha School Kids

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