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Horizon Power prepared for Tropical Cyclone Christine

Horizon Power is fully prepared to respond to any impact on our electrical infrastructure which could be brought about by Tropical Cyclone Christine as it nears the Pilbara coast.

Horizon Power acting General Manager NWIS Business Brett Hovingh said crews were on standby in Karratha, Port Hedland, Onslow and Exmouth to swing into action should any powerlines or other infrastructure be impacted by the severe weather event.

A Red Alert was called at 9 am for people living in or near the coastal and inland communities of Dampier Peninsula and Onslow as a result of the formation of Tropical Cyclone Christine.

At 8:40 am today, Horizon Power crews had to temporarily disconnect power to the community of Port Hedland in order to repair a failed transmission line. The winds were too high to use the EWPs and the second line had to be taken out of service due to its proximity to the failed line.

Power was disconnected for approximately 45 minutes in order to fix the fault ahead of the severe weather expected as a result of Tropical Cyclone Christine.

Horizon Power apologises for the inconvenience and wishes to reassure the community that the work was undertaken in the interests of public safety.

As at 10 am, there were no outages as a result of the severe weather event.

Horizon Power activated its Emergency Management Team and Local Response Teams on Christmas Eve to closely monitor two severe weather events – one a tropical low off the east Kimberley and the other Tropical Cyclone Christine.

At 9 am today, Cyclone Christine was predicted to cross the coast between Port Hedland and Karratha later today.

Advice to customers

  • Do not at any stage go near a fallen powerline. Always assume a fallen powerline is live and stay well clear. Report the fallen line to Horizon Power on 13 23 51.
  • Flickering lights need not be reported unless you experience part power. Flickering lights may be caused by our safety protection devices called reclosers operating on the network. The reclosers briefly interrupt power supplies when there is an interference (for example a tree branch) on the network. If the interference is removed without physical intervention, power supplies are restored. The activation of the reclosers is a sign that the network is operating as it should.
  • Do not use any electrical appliances that have been damaged or submerged in water.
  • Keep your emergency kit with your at all times. This should include a battery operated radio and torch.
  • Turn off the gas supply and turn off all electrical appliances and unplug them. If you have lost power, keep on one light so you know if the power is restored.
  • Do not use a landline during a cyclone. Use a mobile only in emergencies.

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