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Renewable Energy Technology Challenge launched

Horizon Power, with Pilbara Cities and the State Government, is pleased to announce the launch of the Renewable Energy Technology Challenge.

The Technology Challenge is a competition offering a $50,000 prize to the company or individual that can best demonstrate a fit for purpose solution to connect up to five kilowatt (kW) size renewable energy systems with a generation management capability. 

The runner up will receive $10,000.

Horizon Power requires all commercial customers and residential customers in towns where the networks capacity for renewable energy has been reached to install renewable energy systems with generation management capability. Generation managed installations enable the electricity output from renewable energy systems to be stored or managed. This requirement increases the total amount of renewable energy that can be connected to our electricity systems and ensures we continue to provide safe and reliable power supplies to all our customers. 

The successful development of a 5 kW system will enable Horizon Power’s customers to connect renewable energy systems that comply with our technical requirements.  Horizon Power currently has 16 megawatts (MW) of available renewable energy hosting capacity and there is strong demand by regional customers for renewable energy.

Entries for this exciting competition close on 22 March 2013. For further information about the competition, please click here. For more information about renewable energy and generation management, please click here.