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Talking posters to improve communication with Aboriginal customers.

Horizon Power has created "talking posters" to improve communication with our customers in remote Aboriginal communities.

Horizon Power's Community Education Officer Jason Oakley was at the Gija Day Cultural Celebration in Warmun this week showcasing the new posters which are soon to be developed into specific Aboriginal languages such as the Gija language spoken by the Gija people of the East Kimberley.

Mr Oakley explained that the talking posters, which use technology developed by One Talk Technology, have been made in English and Kriol and would also be made in languages specific to different Aboriginal language groups.

Horizon Power is working with the Kimberley Interpreter Service and local communities to develop recordings in language which suit the communities needs.

"At Horizon Power, we do not want to just pay lip service to the idea of Aboriginal engagement," Mr Oakley said.

"We have been exploring different communication technologies to ensure our Aboriginal customers, and residents soon to be our customers, really understand what we are trying to communicate about saving money on power, being safe around electricity and being safe around areas where we are working in communities to upgrade power supplies.

Horizon Power contractors will this year begin constructing a new power station in the East Kimberley community of Kalumburu.

"We will use these posters to make sure families know to keep away from the areas where we are working and the electrical equipment in the community to make sure everyone stays safe," Mr Oakley said.

The posters contain a recorded message about electrical safety, energy efficiency and paying for power and are designed to replace newsletters and other forms of communication used in the past.

Famous Aboriginal broadcaster and personality Mary G, Queen of the Kimberley, has come on board with Horizon Power and features on some of our talking posters with her personalised message about how to reduce power use and lower power bills.

Frilled-neck lizard Gilbert, our Horizon Discovery Zone education program mascot, also features on another poster which shares energy saving information with children in communities.

Aboriginal staff employed by Horizon Power, including some of our Remote Community Utilities Workers and Kununurra-based administration trainee Simone Long also feature on our talking posters.

Horizon Power is proud to be leading the way among utilities and departments in Western Australia by improving our engagement and communication with residents in communities.

One of the other most important ways we do this is by visiting communities and sitting down with residents to make sure we can answer their questions about paying for power and how to save money on power by being energy efficient.

Contact Reference: Corporate Communications Adviser Wendy Pryer - Phone: 0409 796 999 - Horizon Power media line 1800 799 745