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Unscheduled interruptions

Horizon Power crews have been working throughout the weekend to re-establish power to customers in both the East and West Kimberley. 

The networks in these areas are not interconnected and the causes remain unrelated to one another.  

Approximately 41 East Kimberley customers, near the town of Wyndham experienced loss of power early Saturday morning 25th July from 4:12 am to 10:02 am.  A damaged insulator on the overhead network was identified as the cause. Crews worked safely to remove the damaged piece of equipment, replace it with new equipment and restore power to customers. 

Broome experienced an unscheduled interruption to all 7619 customers on Saturday 25th July from 10:51 am to 11:58 am.  Investigations have been escalated to determine all aspects of this generation related fault. 

Saturday evening at 10:10 pm, approximately 231 East Kimberley customers were affected by loss of power to the Packsaddle feeder.   Crews worked throughout the evening to patrol the line, identifying damage by bats to overhead infrastructure.  

Restoration to all but 63 customers was achieved by 1:10 am with all affected customers having power again by 2:05 am Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, the damage sustained created an additional fault on the Packsaddle Feeder to those same customers from 3:17 am to 5:18 am.  Additional works were conducted to ensure that the rectification prevented further outages to customers. 

A Generation related fault also occurred on Sunday 26th July for Kununurra customers, with all 3672 being affected by loss of power from 12:16 pm to 12:58 pm.

All faults are being investigated to continue to reinforce the quality of the network. Horizon Power does acknowledge the inconvenience of these interruptions and encourages all customers to report Faults or Emergencies to 13 23 51.

Media contact: 1800 799 745