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Exmouth Integrated Resource Planning

Exmouth's future energy system is cleaner, greener and community focussed

Horizon Power’s integrated resource planning (IRP) process kicked off last year with an information session to gather feedback from community members and major stakeholders to inform and shape the future energy solution for Exmouth. 

Our IRP framework brings together key information from demand and energy forecasting, future energy system planning and importantly, the community’s voice through engagement. We have used the community feedback in a number of ways including the generation solutions we assessed, the amount of renewable energy in the system, the location of the infrastructure in assessing land options as well as the potential customer products that we could offer. 

Current power supply

Exmouth Power Station is Horizon Power’s only CNG (compressed natural gas) power station. It has eight gas generators and two diesel generators, with the gas generators used to supply most of the load. Gas is trucked into the power station each day. Typically one gas truck is required each day during winter (when the load is low), but this can increase to two or three gas trucks a day in summer when the load is high.

The power station is owned by a third party, with Horizon Power’s existing agreement with the supplier coming to an end.

Community engagement

We've held several community engagement sessions in Exmouth over the past 12 months, attended by a diverse mix of representatives from community, government agencies, customers, environmental groups, independent power producer and tourism businesses.

We understand it's important to the Exmouth community to reduce the technical barriers to renewable energy, design energy solutions that consider climate change impacts and cyclone conditions and move away from a reliance on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Future energy system from 2024 – 80% renewables

At our most recent community information session in October 2021, we presented our plans for a high renewable energy system in Exmouth, with 80% renewables to be delivered under the new future energy system.

In this phase of the project we can confirm that the future energy system will involve a solar farm and large battery for energy storage as well as thermals to ensure reliable power is always available. The size of the solar array and the battery will be impacted by whether wind is included in the final generation solution.

Exmouth IRP fact sheet

What's next for Exmouth?

Products that make it easier to manage your energy

We've been working with customers on innovative products that provide choice, increase access to renewables and help meet their future energy needs. These discussions are guiding our product development and we are now prioritising the potential products we can trial for Exmouth to deliver the best value for the community and Horizon Power.

Increased access to rooftop solar

Exmouth wants more access to solar and we're making it happen. We've purchased a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and entered into a preliminary agreement for its installation at the Exmouth Power Station. The BESS will be in service by early 2022 and will provide more homes and businesses the option to connect rooftop solar.

Long term solutions

Following the community engagement workshop, we carried out a land assessment for potential locations that could accommodate a hybrid future energy system in Exmouth. We shortlisted multiple sites and undertook an options analysis and cost-benefit modelling to determine the solution that meets both current and future energy requirements. 

As part of the new energy system's renewables mix, Horizon Power is considering wind power. We're assessing several land options, including both close to the existing power station and further from town. We are interested in receiving community views on how visible wind turbines would be received by the town and welcome any feedback using the form below.

Timeframes - what's next?

  • November 2021 to December 2022: Project enters plan implementation phase, including return to market for detailed design and final generation solutions, commercial negotiations, approvals and land acquisition. 
  • December 2022 – June 2024: Construct, commission and reliability run 

Are you interested in working with us?

Suitably qualified vendors who wish to be considered in the delivery of Exmouth’s future energy solution must register on Tenders WA and further information will be published there. Visit our Suppliers page for more information. 

We value your feedback

If you have any feedback, would like to keep updated on the Exmouth IRP or participate in future community engagements events, please complete the form below.

Renewing the regions

In support of the State Government's WA Recovery Plan, we're investing more than $75 million in regional WA. There are 18 projects aimed at creating jobs and giving towns more access to green energy and improved services.

This includes the 1.4MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) we're installing in Exmouth. This BESS will allow more customers to install rooftop solar while still maintaining safe and reliable power.

Find out about the other exciting projects we're working on across WA.

Renew the regions