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Prepaid Power

We want to make life better for every customer. That’s why we’re delivering solutions that reduce energy costs and support our communities.



Take control of your energy costs by making the switch to Prepaid Power



Avoid bill shock

Have more control and visibility of your energy costs by prepaying your power and adjusting your usage to fit your budget


Buy power wherever you are

Conveniently purchase power from the Horizon Power app and receive notifications when you are running low on credit.


No fees or lock in contracts

There is no lock in contract or cost to switch, so choose which service is best for you and switch back if your needs change.


Share your power costs

Anyone can buy power for your home. They just need your account number and purchase power via the app. It is a great way for everyone to contribute. 

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for a Prepaid Power account you must be a residential customer who has:
• An advanced meter installed - this will look like the meter shown on the left
• Easy access to your meter box and must be unlocked
• Access to a smart phone/device to purchase power
• No life support equipment being used in the premises

To make the switch, please call us on 1800 447 707 or contact your local Horizon Power depot where we can assist you. If you meet the criteria and your are ready to apply, complete the form below.

Apply for Prepaid Power


Frequently asked questions

  • About prepaid power
  • Buying power
  • Emergency credit
  • Solar

What is Prepaid Power?  
Prepaid means you pay for your power upfront before you use it, allowing you to pay what you want, when you want it. 

How does it work? 
When you purchase power on the Horizon Power app it will update the balance shown on the meter and on the app. The balance updates every 30 minutes to reflect how much power has been used. If you are running low on credit, you will receive notifications from Horizon Power to remind you to buy more power. 

How much does it cost? 
There is no cost to you to become a Prepaid Power customer. 

Can I change back if I don’t like it? 
Yes, you are not locked into a contract. You can change at any time. 

How do I know if my meter is compatible for Prepaid Power? 
Either contact your local depot, or call 1800 447 707 and we'll let you know. 

don’t have a key to my meter box. Does this matter? 
Yes, you need to have access to your meter box. Without it, you can’t be setup for a Prepaid account. 

I don’t have access to a smart device. Can I switch to Prepaid Power? 
No, you will need access to the Horizon Power app to purchase power. 

I have a business. Can I switch to Prepaid Power? 
Currently Prepaid is only available for customers on the A2 residential tariff. 

I’m a life support customer. Can I switch to Prepaid Power? 
No, if you or anyone in your household relies on life support equipment, you will not be eligible for Prepaid. 

How much power can I buy at a time? 
You can purchase a minimum amount of $10 and a maximum of $1000. 

Can I make payment over the phone with Horizon Power? 
No, Horizon Power cannot accept payments over the phone. 

Can anyone buy power for my home? 
Yes, anyone can buy power for your house, they will just need your Horizon Power account number to purchase power via the app. It is a great way for everyone to contribute.  

How long does it take for my payment to show on my meter? 
The payments are usually credited to the meter within 10 minutes. If this has not been credited to your meter within 30 minutes you can call 1800 447 707 for assistance.  

Can I set up direct debit for Prepaid Power? 
Not yet, but we are working on it. 

Can I apply for a concession? 
Yes, please call 1800 447 707 and we can check your eligibility. You will need to provide us with your concession details, including your CRN.  

How do I know my credit balance? 
The balance is displayed on your meter and on the app if you have registered your account.   

Why do I need to register on the app? 
By registering your details on the Horizon Power app, not only can you buy power for your meter, but you can also see your balance at any time, check your usage, see outages and so much more.  

What happens to left over credit on my meter if I move? 
When moving out of your house it is important to call 1800 447 707 to close your account. Our friendly team will be able to assist you with refunding any remaining credit on your meter. You will be unable to receive a refund at a Horizon Power retail outlet. 

Can I transfer credit to a meter in someone else’s name? 
Yes, please call 1800 447 707 and we can organise this for you. 

Will my power be disconnected if I run out of money? 
If you run out of credit between 9.00am and 11.00am Monday to Friday you will be disconnected. You can access emergency credit after 11.00am until 9.00am the following business day to enable you to be reconnected. If you exceed the emergency credit limit you will be unable to reconnect until a payment is made to top up your prepaid balance. 

What is emergency credit?
Emergency credit allows you to stay connected when you run out of credit. It is available after 11.00am until 9.00am the next business day, unless you exceed the emergency credit limit. 

Is emergency credit free power? 
No, any emergency credit that is used must be paid back.  To ensure you return to a credit balance, you will need to pay enough to clear the emergency credit amount first. 

I am currently receiving Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS). Will I still be eligible for this if I convert to Prepaid Power? 
If no changes are made on the existing account, there will be no changed to your REBS eligibility. For more information, please refer to

Will my solar still work if I have no money on my prepaid meter? 
No, once a meter is disconnected the solar inverter will also disconnect. While an inverter is disconnected your solar installation will not generate power and you will be unable to receive REBS or DEBS credits.  

Can I have my solar buyback credits applied to a prepaid meter? 
Your buyback credit (REBS or DEBS) will automatically be applied to your prepaid meter. 


Download our app


With our app you can easily buy credit, view your credit balance, keep track of the units of electricity used and the dollars spent. It also provides the estimated days of credit remaining on your meter, based on your past electricity usage, and your cost of electricity for the past 24 hours. 



How to buy Prepaid Power

Keep track of your meter balance

See how much credit is left and how long that credit is likely to last.

Buy power

You can buy credit for your meter anywhere, anytime from your smart phone. You can even buy power for someone else’s meter.

View your energy usage

Check how much power you’ve used, including your daily or hourly usage.

Do more than just buy power

Receive low credit warnings, get power saving tips, view your receipts and payment history.