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Sunken but the same

You may have seen 'green domes' or pillars in front of homes, in parks or on roadsides. They are like sunken power poles that connect homes to the electricity network. Pillars contain live wires and if damaged, can be just as dangerous as a fallen powerline. If you see a cracked or damaged pillar, stay away and immediately call Horizon Power on 13 23 51.

Take care around green domes

In areas with underground power, homes are connected to the electricity network through service pillars. They’re typically located just inside the property boundary. As pillars contain live electrical wires, they should always be treated with caution.

Keep the area clear

The area above and around a pillar should be kept clear to allow for authorised access. This includes a 500 mm exclusion zone around the base of the unit.

Allow easy access

As Horizon Power requires access to pillars at all times, keep shrubbery and obstructions well away. The ground level should never be raised so that the pillar becomes buried.

Report any damage

If you make contact with a pillar or notice any damage, immediately report it to Horizon Power. Stay well away and ensure no one goes near the pillar until our crew arrives.

Know where the underground cables are on your property

In areas with underground power, even though cables are out of sight, it is important to keep in mind they can be very dangerous if accidentally struck or damaged. It is essential to carefully plan any works in your front yard and proceed with caution where underground electrical assets exist. Not only can it be costly if underground cables are damaged, hitting these cables can cause significant property damage as well as injury or even death.

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