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Our commitment to regional industry

Horizon Power is committed to supporting businesses in regional WA

We buy value for money goods, services and works from regional industry wherever possible and have accounted for this in our procurement processes.

About the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy

New initiatives by the State Government aim to improve the engagement of local industry in the delivery of State Government contracts. The WA Government introduced the Western Australian Jobs Act 2017 (WA Jobs Act). The Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS), developed under the WA Jobs Act, requires an assessment of local industry participation in procurements above certain thresholds, which are set out below.



Core Participation Plan

Full Participation Plan


Goods & Services

$1 - $5 million

Above $5 million

Housing & Works

$3 - $10 million

Above $10 million


Goods & Services

$500,000 - $5 million

Above $ 5 million

Housing & Works

$500,000 - $5 million

Above $ 5 million


The WAIPS aims to provide local businesses with fair and reasonable opportunity to access and win State Government supply contracts.

WA Industry Link   Supplier's Guide to WAIPS    


Requirements for suppliers

  • Prospective supplier’s Participation Plans will be evaluated through the procurement process and the successful participation plan will be included in the final contract.
  • The supplier is then required to show how the commitments in the Participation Plan are achieved, and report annually to the agency.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) is responsible for the administration of the WAIPS and can provide advisory and support services. JTSI or the Local Content Advisors can assist with questions on the WAIPS and completing a Participation Plan. Get in touch by email or phone (08) 9222 0555.

You can also contact the Local Content Advisor (Regional) set out in the Contacts and industry grant funding page.