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The Pilbara Electricity Reform (also known as the NWIS Reform) is a process where the energy market will open for large customers in the North West Interconnected System (NWIS). This means that customers in the WA Pilbara region whose energy consumption exceeds 1,200 Megawatt hours (MWh) per annum will have the option to choose their energy retailer. These businesses are known as ‘contestable customers’.

The reform will commence on 1 July 2021.

The North West Interconnected System (NWIS) refers  to the interconnected electricity generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The NWIS comprises several interconnected networks, owned and operated by different Network Service Providers. Some of these networks, such as Horizon Power’s network, are classed as covered networks.  Currently the only energy retailer in Horizon Power’s network is Horizon Power, however the reform will mean that any retailer will be able to provide energy to our larger customers.

A business that is contestable is now able to choose its energy retailer.

The main criteria for a customer’s account to become contestable is for that site to consume over 1,200 MWh per annum.

If a customer has multiple accounts or sites, this will apply only to those consuming over 1,200 MWh. Just as an idea, 1,200 MWh equates to consuming over 100,000 kWh (kilowatt hours or ‘units’) on your monthly bill.

We have a team of professionals who work closely with our large businesses.  Plus you know us, so you know we are dedicated to working directly with you to provide custom energy solutions for your business needs. 

If your account is contestable, our Account Management Team will have reached out to you to explain what this means and the options you have. If you become contestable, the Account Management Team will be in touch once that happens.

For more information, please read the Pilbara Electricity Reforms and the Electricity Networks  Access Code - Coverage Application on