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Horizon Power launches second stage of Onslow microgrid project

Horizon Power, West Australian regional power provider, has commenced the next stage of its Onslow microgrid project, which is focused on integrating a high level of renewables with traditional generation.

Stage Two of the project comprises a Renewable Energy Pilot that will provide Onslow residents and businesses with access to low-cost solar and battery storage systems.

Under the Pilot, Onslow residents and businesses can purchase a solar system or a solar and battery system at reduced rates to maximise renewable energy penetration.

Once installed the systems will be integrated with Horizon Power’s Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS), the software platform designed to orchestrate the various energy sources in a coordinated manner ensuring renewables are maximised while protecting the systems’ stability.

Horizon Power General Manager Commercial Services and Finance, Sami Zouad said the opportunity to access solar and battery systems at a reduced rate would provide Onslow customers with the ability to reduce their own electricity costs, while allowing Horizon Power to demonstrate a high-renewables energy future.

“The work in Onslow, where the sun shines up to 12 hours a day, is helping Horizon Power to prepare for this future,” Mr Zouad said.

“The project delivers on our commitment to the Onslow community and the State, to enable a significant expansion of renewable energy onto our networks which can be managed for the benefit of customers and Horizon Power.

“Our vision is that Onslow will be the beneficiary of a leading edge power system with a high penetration of distributed renewable energy resources.”

A community launch of the Renewable Energy Pilot will be held in Onslow in partnership with the Onslow Chamber of Commerce & Industry on Wednesday, 20 March 2019.

Stage Two of the project also includes the construction of a centralised 1 megawatt solar farm and 1 megawatt-hour network battery, which are due to be completed in May.

This follows the completion of Stage One of the project in July 2018 which involved the construction and commissioning of a gas-fired power station and associated infrastructure.


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