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Network contractor authorisation

Network contractors are integral to Horizon Power building, maintaining and operating its electrical networks within regional Western Australia.

Horizon Power has strict rules that apply to contractors requesting to work on or near our electrical network equipment on our behalf.

Contractor authorisation is only obtained through the Horizon Power representative who engages the contractor to work. Along with each application form there must be clear, readable copies of qualifications, licences, authorities and permits as supporting evidence.

Training and qualification requirements can be identified through the Horizon Power Technical Training Matrix.

Application for Contractor Authorisation Form

Application for Authorisation

The contractor is responsible to ensure all sub-contractors have the appropriate Horizon Power authorisation prior to the commencement of the work.

  • Authorised contractor employees' are issued with a contractor authorisation card.
  • This card will contain a photo and unique number.
  • This will be used for identification purpose and linked to Horizon Powers TLMS (Training Learning Management System).
  • This system will record and manage the categories of work that the contractor is authorised to undertake.

Examples of authorised contractors categories include:

  • Cert III Distribution Linesmen
  • Distribution Linesmen
  • HV Live Glove & Barrier Linesmen
  • Underground cable layers and jointers
  • Vegetation Management Workers
  • Plant Operators
  • Trade Assistants

Horizon Power will undertake regular compliance audits to ensure contractors employees' have the correct authorisation for the work they are undertaking.

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All Contractors and Suppliers working with Horizon Power must be aware of and willing to comply with our Code of Conduct, Safety and Health Policy, Fit for Work Standard and Environmental Policy. 

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